Therapy or coaching for:

  • work or study related problems and burnout
  • depression
  • anxiety (e.g. OCD, panic attacks)
  • low self-esteem or negative self-image
  • sleeping problems
  • ruminating (excessive worrying)
  • difficulties in making choices
  • motivational problems
  • perfectionism
  • mourning therapy
  • study-problems
  • irritations, frustrations
  • doubts about your relation or difficulties in starting a relationship
  • living with physical health conditions
  • eating disorders
  • trauma
  • relationship difficulties
  • phobias
  • stress
  • separation and divorce
  • life stage difficulties
  • difficulties in pregnancy and after birth
  • unwanted childless
  • special for students (cooperation with Maastricht University UM)

Walking sessions

Walk with your psychologist on Mount St. Pieter in Maastricht.

Child and youth

Treatment for children and youth, please click here.