Professional associations

  • NIP, Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (Dutch Institution for psychologists)
  • NFG
  • NVRG
  • RBCZ
  • SKJ

Marly Senden, AGB-code 94009326/90108706/NIP 5245/RBCZ 809879R/NFG 94057794

Luuk Stijns AGB-code 90107238/LVPW 937/RBCZ 190501R/NVRG 13954/SKJ 110487122

Simone Delorme AGB-code 90091858/LVPW 1229/RBCZ 230074R

Chantal van Kessel AGB-code 90114230/NFG 9609/RBCZ 220699R

Lennar Imandt AGB-code 90046749/NFG 5907107488/RBCZ 180024R

Sophie Schmied WTZA65052490

We work as independent psychologists / therapists. That means:

  • Full data protection. Insurance companies don’t have the right for inspection of psychological files. Full privacy.
  • You pay the invoice yourself and if you have aan extra insurance (‘aanvullende verzekering’) you can submit the invoice.
  • You don’t need a prescription from your GP to make an appointment.

Cancellation policy

When it’s not possible to hold on to your appointment, please let us know 48 hours (two business days) before. Otherwise we have to send the invoice of the appointment, regardless of the reason of cancellation.

You can read our general terms and conditions here.

Cooperation with